Ecology Ottawa Survey is out! Le questionnaire de Ecology ottawa est sorti!

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See where your candidate stands on the environment:

AS part of our Municipal Election campaign, Ecology Ottawa is polling all candidates running for City Council and Mayor for their stand on key environmental issues in Ottawa. Find out how your candidates respond to our survey by clicking on your ward below. Click here to learn more about our all-candidates’ survey and the rational for each questions.

The responses below are updated as candidates’ responses come in.

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Municipal Election 2018: Candidates’ responses

Heron Gate

More residents in Heron Gate are being forced to move because a landlord is demolishing their aging rental homes as part of a long-term redevelopment of one of Ottawa’s most culturally diverse neighbourhoods. Timbercreek Communities has notified 105 households they must move by Sept. 30 because the company will demolish 150 units in the area […]

via Landlord demolishing more homes in Heron Gate, displacing 105 residents — Ottawa Citizen

Entrevue avec Thierry Harris sur le site de prévention de surdoses

Entrevue posée sur le site de prévention de surdoses Overdose Prevention Ottawa avec Thierry Harris, le Vice Président de l’Association communautaire de la Basse-ville suite au meeting de l’organisation. Un extrait de la conversation:

“Ce qui s’est passé (au meeting) c’est que les gens ont exprimé leurs frustrations envers la situation, la gestion de la situation et le manque de leadership de la ville. La puck a été passé entre la police, le conseiller municipal et nous en tant qu’association communautaire. […]  Les résidents ont posé (à Mathieu Fleury) des questions sur sa capacité d’agir… Qu’on soit pour ou contre, ce n’est pas ça la question. Il faut plutôt se demander pourquoi les gens du groupe Overdose Prevention Ottawa on dû prendre les grands moyens et faire une activité de désobéissance civile et pourquoi plus de deux semaines plus tard, ils doivent continuer à le faire. […]  Il y a un problème qui est plus profond, un malaise dans la communauté.  Depuis des mois, des promesses de solutions ont été faite. Ce site-là n’aurait pas été mis en place si les promesses auraient été tenues.”


Make city safer by tackling hard issues — Ottawa Citizen

Recently, Mayor Jim Watson pledged to remove the Salvation Army’s Booth Centre, one of the three homeless shelters in the downtown core. The move is part of a plan to relocate individuals into “supportive housing” units. This comes a few months after Coun. Mathieu Fleury said he had “lost faith” in the organization’s ability to…

via Make city safer by tackling hard issues — Ottawa Citizen

Permaculture for Urban Homes and Small Spaces

These Light Footsteps

One of the best things about blogging is discovering a new community of people with shared interests and goals.  One such kindred spirit is Mari of the blog Gather and Grow.  She is a fellow lover of permaculture and has graciously shared some great tips and inspiration for many of us who are interested in being more self-sufficient but feel limited by the space constraints of the urban environment.

Whether you live in an urban environment, or on many acres of land – I think you’ll find something useful here!

Permaculture Strategies for Urban Homes and Small Spaces

Permaculture designers love challenges. After all, permaculture is not just a set of organic gardening techniques, but a toolkit, a decision-making process, for designing sustainable human settlements. And one of its fundamental principles is: “The problem is the solution.”

What if we apply this principle to a challenge that many of…

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