Ottawa planners want broader infill rules — and for a broader area

Ottawa Citizen

Weeks after new rules to curb often controversial infill developments in Ottawa’s central neighbourhoods received a stamp of approval from the Ontario Municipal Board, the planning committee is set to consider further changes to the zoning bylaw that would apply to neighbourhoods outside the core.

The background

The Mature Neighbourhoods Bylaw, also known as Infill I, concerned itself with aspects of new residential development in established communities that are most visible from the street — things like front setbacks, parking location, balconies and other physical elements of the building itself.

The rules apply to Ottawa’s oldest neighbourhoods in inner-urban wards, including Rideau-Vanier (west of Rideau River), New Edinburgh, Somerset, Kitchissippi and Capital.

The bylaw was passed in 2012 and later appealed to the OMB. In 2013, the city was asked to reconsider some aspects of the bylaw. Council endorsed a revised and renamed bylaw a year later, which was approved by the OMB…

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