Reevely: Ottawa’s former planning boss goes into business with former Minto VP

Ottawa Citizen

Longtime Ottawa planning committee chairman Peter Hume has gone into business as a development consultant with former Minto vice-president Jack Stirling.

They’ve “formed a strategic partnership to pursue development projects and to advise both the private and public sector on how to build a better and more prosperous City” says the minimal website for the venture, called HP Urban. Hume is its chief strategist.

He quit politics in 2014 after spending half his life as a local councillor for Alta Vista. For the last 11 years, he chaired city council’s planning committee, making him the point man for Ottawa’s urban-planning decisions.

He walked a difficult line, often loudly demanding better-quality projects from the city’s builders and more efficient approvals from the city’s staff. Under his supervision, the city rewrote its master land-use plan twice and took up numerous plans for particular neighbourhoods, to try to give what he called “certainty”…

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