Citizens for Responsible Development Ottawa (CRDO) believes that growth is important for the City of Ottawa. However, CRDO sees an urgent need for more effective consultation, better planning and more accountability. We strive to document community stories and foster a public dialogue surrounding issues of community, urban planning and social justice so that we can better serve the interests of our communities.

CRDO was founded in 2014 by a group of resident in whose homes were impacted by a development project adjacent to their properties in Lowertown, Ottawa. The blog began as a way to document the neighbours’ individual and collective experiences. It has since grown to be a volunteer-run platform.

Want to contribute to CRDO? Here’s how you can help:


Join Citizens for Responsible Development on Twitter @crdottawa. You can take part in discussions and help further the dialogue on planning, development and accountability.


Begin a dialogue with your Councillor around development issues that matter to you and share your point of view on how things can be improved.


Email our articles, retweet us and share our stories with your friends and neighbours.


We welcome all citizens, developers, politicians, homeowners, contractors, engineers and any stakeholder who wants to participate in sharing their story for publication crdottawa.org. Send your story to crdottawa@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. As the owner of a Construction company this is something that you never want to see happen. For all it’s worth, even though I don’t know all the details and conditions of the site and adjacent properties, we feel sorry for the pain and the inconvenience this has caused affected home owners.

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  2. You should write to Kathy Tomlinson at CBC Go Public and get this aired on CBC National News. Its unbelievable and you need to be compensated not only to fix your house but for all the hassle and time spent on this. I’m sorry I laughed at your videos but it was absolutely crazy what you guys went through and are going through. Please write into the CBC Go Public. http://www.cbc.ca/thenational/indepthanalysis/gopublic/about-go-public.html

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    1. Some of the Rose street properties are quite old and have been severely affected. The situation continues to worsen for all. Some residents on St. Andrew had to move out of their homes and have taken up temporary rental accomodations. Others are in limbo, waiting for a fix. It is so important in times like these to have strong community support and we thank you for your wishes. Please share our stories with as many people as you can.


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