All Shook Up

I  came home from work today to find that the ceiling in one of the upstairs rooms had fallen in.  Fortunately nobody was in the room when it happened and the cat was quick enough to be long gone before anything could hit her.   The vibrations have obviously exceeded whatever limit might have been set for a house built in 1910 to withstand. It would be interesting to know if the bylaw stipulates a different level of vibration for different types of home construction.




Living on the Edge

The view from my deck has certainly changed since November. It is truly awesome. I am now living right on the edge of my new neighbour’s construction site.  The excavation of the site has been shaking the all of the adjacent homes to unbearable degree for months now.  CRDOWeb-6-2 CRDOWeb-1-4 CRDOWeb-4 CRDOWeb-2-3

Explosives, Blasting and Vibration Specialists Come to Visit

Made time today for the folks from a consulting company to come in and make a pre-construction video of all the surfaces inside and outside of my home prior to the construction beginning this month.  I learned that they are group of consultants specializing in explosives, blasting, and vibration.  The developer, I presume, does this as matter of routine in projects like these where homes might be damaged.  I decided to make my own video after learning that the company has a formal process for either party (developer or homeowner) gaining access to the video in the future.