MOL (Ministry of Labour) Response to Adjacent Property Damage and Crane Use During Construction Projects

After numerous emails and phone calls, I’ve been able to get a clear response from the MOL about their role in damage caused by construction projects and crane use above private property. In summary, it seems unless homes are in danger of collapsing or workers are in danger of getting hurt, the MOL will not be involved. At this point, I’m unsure if there are any resources the public can access to ensure they are safe and their homes are undamaged.

Response from the Ministry of Labour in Regards to Adjacent Property Damage:

You are correct that Ontario Regulation 213/91 Section 229(1) does address protection of adjacent structures and more specifically, the stability of the building or structure…………The Ministry of Labour enforces the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the Act) and its Regulations with the workplace parties but there is no provision in the Act to become involved with the remedial actions that may be required in regards to the adjacent buildings or structures.

Response from the Ministry of Labour in Regards to Cranes Operating Above the Public (Property and People):

I have reviewed the You Tube video that you sent us in your email and there is no provision in our legislation that addresses the movement of materials by crane or otherwise over private properties.

(See referenced video here):