Our Fence – Not protecting us. It needs protection

You can see here and here that our fence was in top shape back in fall/winter 2013. But throughout the construction it’s been getting worse and worse. We really liked the fence as it kept our garden sheltered. You can also notice in this picture that the right side of the house appears to be sinking. Damage to other parts of the house appear to be supporting this theory as well. Will this ever get fixed? Stay tuned.0O9A3428_CC


Sticks and stones will break your house bones

So they filled the side area of the construction site. It was done Rambo-style with some contraption slinging thousands of small rocks directly adjacent to our house. Some of the rocks hit our front window and some fell into our air conditioning unit.  Not pleased.

I think they realized that damage to our house was occurring because they let themselves in to our front yard and put up boards in an attempt to block the rocks. These are the things you deal with living next to a construction site!

The drill from hell

Picture the meanest beast from the Terminator movies (80s version) and imagine it is outside your home and digging a hole into the ground underneath it. The noise is like a screaming metallic banshee.

Check these out:



And this one right under our home…

Iron curtain – surrounded by steel – More sheet-piling

These last days were some of the more stressful times we’ve ever experienced. As you can see from from the video below, we are completely surrounded by these massive steel beams and the vibrations are so intense, we are left shell-shocked. We are scared and frankly worried about our homes at this point. This has been going on for the last month or so. I know we are very close to the construction site but is it normal to feel such violent shaking?